Looking back on the 50th Anniversary...
After years, months and weeks of speculation and anticipaton, the sun has now set on The Day of the Doctor. The Doctor's 50th anniversary festivites reached their spectacular conclusion on Saturday 23rd November in the 3D landmark episode which was broadcast simultaneously on TV and in cinemas around the world. The party might be over but we're keeping the memory alive right here! Below you'll find everything you'll ever need to know about the worldwide celebrations which took place to mark half a century of our beloved Time Lord. Relive the buzz of the build up, rate and discuss the main event with your fellow Whovians, enjoy our exclusive features and much more. As far as we're concerned, EVERY day is the Day of the Doctor!

WhovianNet's THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR Episode Guide
Read up on the latest news about THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR

Five(ish) Doctors
The Classic Doctors embark on a mission to be included in the 50th anniversary festivities.
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50th Festivities
See what fans around the world have been doing to celebrate The Day of the Doctor.
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The Doctor has given us 50 years of adventures. But which is the greatest of them all?
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Pick a Doctor to start YOUR adventure...
Throughout 2013 WhovianNet dedicated every month to a different incarnation of the Doctor and revealed a host of EXCLUSIVE guides, features, discussions and interviews relating to each of our hero's incarnation. And here they all are! So... where do you want to start?

The Fifth Doctor - May 2013

In the Spotlight
To tie in with the 50th anniversary, WhovianNet was given the opportunity to speak exclusively to many of the actors who have appeared alongside the Doctor over the years. Below are just a few of our interview highlights...

Anneke Wills
We chat to the actress who played played Polly, companion of the First and Second Doctors.
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Louise Jameson
Louise Jameson chats to us about her memories of playing the leather clad barbarian warrior Leela.
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Zoë Wanamaker
5 questions with the actress who played the self-proclaimed "last human" Lady Cassandra.
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And don't miss...

The Doctor & I
WhovianNet's debut book featuring over 80 stories plus an exclusive foreward by Richard Curtis.
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In the beginning...
Read up on the BBC Two drama An Adventure in Space and Time which charted the show's origins.
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A Celebration
Hundreds of Whovians and celebrity guests journeyed to ExCel London to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who.
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