Amy Pond
"When I was seven, I had an imaginary friend."

The first time Amy meets the Doctor, she is just seven years old, having moved down from Scotland to live with her aunt in Leadworth after becoming orphaned. When the TARDIS materializes in her back garden, she assumes it's a policeman coming to fix the mysterious crack in her bedroom wall, however the Doctor explains that it's really a time machine and she rushes inside to pack her suitcase as he leaves to stabilise its engines, promising her he'll be back in five minutes.

Amy doesn't see him again for twelve years, and when he returns he is none the wiser that she's the policewoman he's been handcuffed by, although it later transpires that she actually works as a kissogram. With the help of her 'sort of' boyfriend, Rory, Amy works alongside the Doctor to bring down captive Prisoner Zero, before the Doctor disappears in the TARDIS again, returning two years later on the night before Amy and Rory's wedding.

Amy at long last steps inside the police box for her maiden voyage, which takes her to the 33rd century, where Starship UK is housing the population of the UK as they search the stars for a new home. After that, they journey back in time to a Blitz-torn London in 1941, encountering Winston Churchill and the new paradigm of Daleks. She has also helped the Doctor and River Song do battle with the Weeping Angels, and later met a species of fish-like creatures, the Saturnynians, posing as vampires in 16th century Venice.

The Doctor and Amy are initially unaware that the crack from her bedroom wall is haunting them throughout their travels, and they eventually learn the truth when a message passed through time by their allies leads them to Stonehenge in 102 AD. Joining forces with River Song, they discover the legendary Pandorica hidden away underground. There, Amy is reunited with Rory, who is now living as a Roman soldier having previously been killed by a Silurian and swallowed up by the crack.

They later discover that the entire scenario is in fact a trap based on Amy's childhood memories, put together by an alliance of the Doctor's enemies. Amy is killed by Rory, who is revealed to be an Auton duplicate, and the Doctor seals her inside the Pandorica to be reopened, 2,000 years later in 1996, by her younger self in the National Museum. Rory assigns himself as its protector, and over the years becomes known as The Lone Centurion.

In the Museum, the Doctor sacrifices himself inside the Pandorica, ultimately erasing himself from time, and subsequently Amy and Rory wake up in Leadworth on the day of their wedding, where Amy is reunited with her parents, who had also been victims of the crack. When a mysterious blue book is given to her as a present by River Song, she is tearfully reminded of the Doctor and manages to bring him back into existence. The phone begins to ring as the newlyweds step back inside the TARDIS, signaling the start of a brand new adventure.